Own Your Own Home in Spite of Bad Credit

“How can people with bad credit buy a home?” Many of us have asked that question, especially when we find out that a colleague or a distant friend who has less than perfect credit is moving into their own home for the first time. You didn’t think it was possible for anyone to get a mortgage loan unless their credit was in tip-top shape. You’d heard that people with bad credit were always rejected when they attempted to get themselves a mortgage loan. Acquaintances of your have moaned the blues because they didn’t think it would ever be possible for them to buy a home of their own, since their credit rating was not in the best of shape.

Or, maybe you were told that if you had bad credit and wanted to buy a house, you would first have to pay off all your bills and get credit counselling before you would be allowed to take out a home mortgage. These fabrications are definitely not true. Although you will need good credit when applying with a conventional home mortgage broker, this is not the case with all lenders.

Times have changed. There are very few people who have never been late with a credit car payment, or had some sort of other problem with their credit. Loan professionals realize this, and knew they had to come up with some sort of option. Nowadays, people whose credit is a bit shaky for one reason or another can take advantage of what is known as a bad credit mortgage loan. Just what is a bad credit mortgage loan? These loans come from lenders who will cheerfully work with those whose credit is not good in order to help them realize the home of their dreams. In fact, it is not impossible for you to get a no-money down home mortgage loan, even with your poor credit history.

There are just a couple of small catches to this good news. One is that the interest rate for a bad credit mortgage loan is higher than that of a normal mortgage loan. Two, you must find a lender who offers this type of loan. Not all of them do. But those who do have updated their loan offerings to keep up with the times, and would be more than happy to work with you.

The best thing to do would be an online search for a bad credit mortgage loan lender. Get a mortgage online is really one of the smartest and most convenient things you can do. Think about it! In the comfort of your own home, you can shop for a lender who has the type of mortgage loan you are looking for, as well as the best interest rate. It just doesn’t get any easier than this! Once you find a lender who you feel you can work with and is reputable, you can fill out a loan application right online. Normally, you’ll receive word of your approval in a couple of hours or less by telephone or email.

If you are looking to buy a home and have bad credit, don’t despair! Check out those lenders who offer bad credit mortgage loans – and start planning your house warming party!

Follow These Quick Tips and Avail a Pre-Owned Car Loan

Everyone wants to buy their own car. Congestion in public transport system and complete freedom with a personal car are the reasons why we absolutely need cars.

For buying a car, you need to have sufficient resources. Don’t worry if you aren’t born with a silver spoon, you can still own a car. There are several lending companies who will give you an auto loan.

There is no harm in going for used cars / pre-owned cars, if you do a thorough research. They are easily available with car dealers, leasing companies, auctioneers and private parties. You can get a plethora of information about pre-owned cars from classifieds in newspapers or you can also use the web.

Are you apprehensive of buying a pre-owned car? Are you worried whether the car was involved in a severe accident or not? Do you doubt that it was flooded?

Don’t worry about all these things. There are several sites that offer appraisals for used cars. You can know the complete history of a car with the help of Vehicle History Report. You will get to know about the car’s title records, insurance, salvage records and accident history. Make sure that the vehicle has a clean title and no bank loan on it.

You should also confirm the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to know about the year, model and odometer records.

If you are still not sure about a pre-owned car, then you should buy a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) car. Manufacturers certify that the car has passed all the essential inspection and also provide an extended warranty. This means you get a used car which is almost new and that too for a lesser price.

But be wary of dealers who issue their own brands of certification. When compared to manufacturer/factory certification, they seem to be a charade. This is so because you will be charged higher for the certification and there won’t be much significant difference than a non-certified car.

When the dealer offers you a price, you must compare it with the market value. You can use the Kelly Blue Book value. The company is a pioneer in providing authentic information about car pricing and information. This will ensure that you are not paying more than its real value.


When you decide to avail auto loans, your lending company will want you to fulfill certain criteria. So when you choose a car, make sure it does fulfill them.

Three to five years old cars are excellent when it comes to car loans. Your car shouldn’t be older than 8 years. If it’s older than that, there is no point in buying a car that goes the way of dinosaurs.

Your car shouldn’t be driven for more than 65,000 miles. The lenders set a limit to determine whether the car is too old or not. Generally, a car more than 65,000 miles means the car is used for more time and its value has also depreciated.

Few lenders would also want you to have a stable job and a constant place of residence. You should be going for the same job for approximately 2 years. The same is required for your residence. Your income is also considered when you buy an auto loan.

Your credit score is also important as it shows your credit history and details about your debts and payments. A credit score less than 540 indicates that you will be paying higher interest rates.

Purchasing a car is an important decision. So, it is necessary that you accurately decide on the car and the lender. You can make use of the internet to search for lending companies. Do compare the quotes and select someone who offers you comfortable loan terms.

Hope you soon get a car of your own. All the best!